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September 10-15, 2023

So mark your calendars!

The brethren at Christian Home church of Christ warmly welcome you to our Gospel Meeting with Ross Conley. 

3628 Love Lee Rd.
Morgantown, KY 42261

Who Is Ross Conley

Those who aren't strangers to Christians Home are no stranger to Ross Conley either. Brother Conley preached for a number of years here at Christian Home until 2015. Since then, he's been working with the brethren at Mount Moriah church of Christ just across the county line in Muhlenberg County. Brother Conley never disappoints, and is a dedicated Bible student who seeks to always "rightly divide the word of truth." Would you take time to come and learn from him September 10-15? You won't regret it.

Gospel Meeting
Times of Service

Sunday: 10 AM   11 AM   5 PM
Monday-Friday:  7 PM each night

Things Evil Spoken of...

To whet your appetite, adjacent you will find a lesson from Brother Conley given June 7, 2015. His text for the study is 2 Peter 2:1, 2.

Open your Bibles and study along!

Lessons Available!!!

Sunday AM Worship:

Passcode: krT32CQ^


Sunday PM Worship: 

Passcode: REafu4R@


Tuesday Evening: 

Passcode: QZ+0PH?a

Wednesday Evening: 

Passcode: *!^C1v!W

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