Seeking The Kingdom

Seeking The Kingdom

Is It A Sin To Divorce?

This episode of Seeking the Kingdom, we answer the question whether or not it is a sin to divorce.

It is a complicated issue. Not every situation is the same, and each case must be evaulated individually.

To begin we look at Genesis 2:18. Adam was given Eve to be his helper comparable to him. They were to be one flesh. Marriage accomplishes this very thing.

People are not to separate what God joins togethers. Please read Matthew 19:6.

Malachi 2:14-16 also shows that God hates divorce. 

Matthew 19:9 Jesus tells us that if we divorce our wife for any reason and marries another it is adultery. That 2nd it sanctioned by God? No it isn't. However, if you apply the exception clause, when you divorce your spouse for sexual immorality then it wouldn't be adultery.

Other passages: Matthew 5:32 Mark 10:10, 11 Luke 16:18 Romans 7:1-3 1 Corinthians 7:1-10



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